Typical Requests For Services

Just starting this process,(consulting for a large, document intensive firm) and looking to come up with some ball park figures and some information on the whole process of converting paper files to electronic storage.
We have a project that requires creating a text file from hard copy. We wonder if you can provide us with a price quote for the job, which is detailed below.
I have between 200 and 300 engineering drawings on mylar paper of various sizes (ranging from about 3'x4' to 8.5"x11") that I would like to have put on disc in PDF or similar format.
I have about 40 small banker box's that I need to keep for 5 years. I am getting some estimates on what it will cost to scan these files in and shred the original documents. .
Scanning of Bank Work Paper. The project we have in Savannah Field Office consist of scanning and transferring information onto a DVD. Your company seems to meet everything we need to bring this project to closure.