Typical Requests For Services

I am interested in information regarding costs of scanning psychologist files to a digital format. Shredding charges; per box or per pound? Please respond by email as opposed to telephone.
Our storage area is full. We are looking to get information and pricing on your company scanning our files to an external drive of some sort. What are our options and your prices?
Unknown number of documents - the training records for the Memphis Police Department. The documents would be required to remain secured. There is probably a minimum of hundreds of thousands documents. Looking to have them scanned into digital for
We are an Escrow & Title Company that has approximately over 10,000 files to scan. My question is how much do you charge to scan and how is this process done
I am looking for a scanning vendor we can use when a job comes up. I believe you cover pretty much all of Colorado so I am starting with your company first. Please email me back so that I can send you a list of what we are looking for and ge